All economic entities have the obligation under Singapore legislation to manage and organize accounting through specialized departments within a company or to outsource this type of services. Accounting records are used for several purposes, from exhaustive record transactions with suppliers, clients and business partners to provide financial information about the company’s status to shareholders, authorities, creditors and other stakeholders. In addition, accounting provides valuable data involved in the decision – making process for the company’s management and for national and international economic statistics.

Several user categories within a company are using accounting data as well as various departments of the company, such as company managers, shareholders, investors, clients, employees, suppliers, creditors and competent tax authorities.

According to the Singapore legislation, the balance sheet included in the income statement must have a minimum structure. When the balance sheet and the income statement are prepared, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the orderly accounting principles: information clarity, continuity, prudence and completeness. Certain accounting requirements are specific to some types of companies.

Our firm is specialized in accounting services for clients from different industry sectors and various business structures. A team of accounting experts covers a wide range of services, from bookkeeping and trial balance stage to debts and stock control and more. We can also handle the accounting for international corporations, small to medium-sized businesses and sole proprietorships. Our accounting services include:

  • Financial accounting, payroll, customer and vendor securities
  • Financial management
  • Financial planning and control
  • Creating financial statements, annual financial reports and interim financial statements
  • Salary accounting