Swiss News

Zug fiscal reform 2017

The Federal Steering Committee announced on June 1 2017 its first proposals for the new tax regulation 2017, regarding the tax reform in Switzerland which will implement a standard corporate tax rate of approximately 12%, without causing any important financial losses to the canton of Zug, to the municipalities, companies and individuals. In addition, the tax burden will not be shifted to individual tax payers.

Termination without dismissal justified when manipulating the time clock

In the case of the dismissal due to manipulation of the time cock, the Federal Court ruled that it was justified. The court pointed out that this constituted a serious breach in the loyalty duty of the respective employee. No circumstances were presented in this case, therefore the severity of the abusive nature was relative and the dismissal was deemed as justified. The secretive working time was only a few hours away from the completion of the day, nevertheless the Federal Court considered the loss of confidence more severe than the damage caused by the time clock manipulation.

Reminder fees in Online Terms are difficult to claim

Most companies post their Conditions (Terms) online and they also define there the latest fees charged and other important conditions for the customer.

However, courts are highly critical when it comes to Online Terms. According to authorities, reminder fees that are based on Online Terms can’t be claimed. The Terms and Conditions must be delivered in writing to the customer, with a contract and necessary measures must be taken to ensure that the customer has taken note of them.